General Warehousing

Honeycomb Logistics contains adequate warehousing as well as uncovered space. As a part of our basket of services which enable you to reduce overheads, we believe in the increment of efficiency while cutting down on valuable time.

As a Cargo Warehousing Agent, we provide high levels of professional warehousing services and assure you towards the safe custody of your product at all times. Through our integrated inventory management system, we not only exercise strict control but also allow customers to plan cargo operations with flexibility. This approach reduces cycle time while assuring constant availability of product. We offer special storage facilities for containerized, lose, bagged/packaged/crated cargo, reefers and hazardous materials.

Whichever industry sector you operate in, Honeycomb Logistics provides dedicated and shared Warehousing and Distribution Operations to ensure that you deliver your service promise to your customers.

Furthermore, we arrange for value added services that can improve the efficiency and responsiveness of your supply chain. Through an act of complete understanding of your issues and anticipating your business & logistics needs, our experts provide robust solutions that will enable value for your business.

Our warehousing services include (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO):

Reliable data-collection and reporting systems that assure accurate information and visibility on inventories, and order processing combined with reporting to clients as per format and periodicity desired by them.

The services guaranteed are as follows: storage, consolidation, repacking, documentation, labeling, invoicing, finished and spares inventory management, delivery, stuffing/de-stuffing, re-export.

  • Modern and well-equipped warehouse.
  • Adequate CCTV coverage and monitoring.
  • Safe storage of goods.
  • Control checks on entry & exit of goods.